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FailSafe FASS Air Purifier Decontaminator HEPA Filter UV Ozone

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FailSafe FASS Air Purifier Decontaminator HEPA Filter UV Ozone Air Purifier

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 - Model made in accordance with CDC Guidelines
 - FULL test reports to significantly testify effectiveness against environmennt protection toward communicable deseases include COVID-19


Why do our clients choose FailSafe Air Safety Systems?

  • to protect the health of medical staff members
  • to help prevent the spread of viruses
  • to help contain infectious outbreaks
  • to decontaminate surface, resident and airborne pathogens
  • to provide safe and clean environment for office personnel
  • to decontaminate commercial and residential space
  • As another line of defense for future outbreaks and pandemics

The FailSafe Air Safety Systems (FASS) is portable air purification and decontamination device from United State, designed by doctors (Jenrome J, Schentag, Pharm. D) for infection control. The patented technology provides the following benefits:

  • Create positive or negative pressure and re-circulation environments in any room or shelter for staff protection, patient isolation and pathogen load reduction
  • Suitable to use for portable isolation room
  • Ideal for surge capacity during infectious outbreak such as bird flu, SARS and COVID-19
  • Support hospital for surge cases of patient COVID-19
  • Incorporate High quality HEPA filter, UVDecontaminates surface resident pathogens post event through shock Ozone application
  • Instantly deodorize rooms from such things as patient effluent, fire and smoke damage, burnt food or electrical fires and chemical odors
  • The machines are self cleaning eliminating hot medical waste from accumulating on filter elements and machine surfaces
  • Light weight aluminum construction for easy maneuverability and lifting
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