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MALRAY Lead & Lead Free Apron



Custom Made Benefit : Custom made ensure best fit and comfort when wearing. On the other hand, it reduces overall weight of the apron by around 5 - 10%. Please fill out the following form and submit for a pricing quote on all custom apparel. All custom sized apparel will include an additional fee for each item ordered. Custom sized apparel is non-refundable, non-returnable.



Wrap Round Guard (Full Overlap)

Vest and Skirt Guard

Max Guard

Front Apron - EZ-Guard

Panaromic Dental Draper - with collar

Panaromic Dental Drapes

Panaromic Dental Drapes - Short

Thyroid Guard - Monolithic Type

Thyroid Guard - Visor Type

Thyroid Guard - All Round (US) Type

Hat Guard

Hand Guard

Half Apron - Lap Guard

Breast Guard

Dental Thyroid Guard

Gonadal Guard / Ovarian Guard - Strap Type

Gonadal Guard / Ovarian Guard - Belt Type


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