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RONDISH DISABLE TOILET EMERGENCY CALL SYSTEM WCP-11 ILB-11 Disable Toilet Emergency Call System Nurse Call System

You need this because you CARE for your love one and require early alert of risk!

Wirless disable toilet call system with vwry simple DIY installation. The system consist of two components only, i.e. ILB-11 and WCP-11.

The WCP-11 call/reset device can be included with a pull cord and is waterproof to IP65. It is suitable for use in a shower area.

Additional WCP-11 call points can be paired with a ILB-11 indication light, up to a maximum of 15 devices.

The indication light can be battery operated, or a power input is included to connect with a regulated ac mains adaptor, or power supply. In ''Low Battery'' Status, the red LED in the front panel of the ILB-11 call indicator light will flash.

Potential applications include hospitals, schools, elderly homes, hotels, government offices, and anywhere else an alarm is required to be installed in toilet or shower areas.

This product is designed to conform with BS 8300-2:2018


Product Description

The Wireless Pull Cord Disabled Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System is an easy to install bathroom alarm system that enables a disabled or elderly bathroom user to pull a cord, automatically sending a visual and audible alert to the appropriate nearby caregiver. This wireless design is ideal for anyone concerned about a loved one or any institution that needs to provide appropriate care, proving useful in homes, care homes, hospitals, educational facilities, swimming pools, supermarkets and more.

What is the Wireless Pull Cord Bathroom and Toilet Alarm System For?

The Wireless Toilet Alarm System is designed to ensure that vulnerable users can use bathrooms with the peace of mind that assistance can be provided if necessary. The simple pull cord design with send both a sound and light alert, triggering a response from the appropriate caregiver. We would recommend the Toilet Alarm System for:

  • Disabled users
  • Elderly users


  • Call and reset buttons 2-in-1
  • Comes with removable pull cord
  • IP65 Waterproof rating
  • Replaceable batteries (CR2477 x 2)


  • Battery Type: C-type x 6
  • Power Connection: External 12Vdc input. 2-wire power line
  • Battery Life: 12 months (Standby)
  • Sounder: Buzzer with volume control (VR adjustable. Max 85dB @10cm)
  • Multiple colors LED (RED, WHITE)
  • Bi-color LED (red + green)
    • red for device low battery (2 beep every 5 sec.)
    • green for active operation
    • led will blink at Low Battery status (1 blink every 5 sec)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40íŠ
  • Certification: CE/FCC
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